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Kerry Sacco

Kerry Sacco holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Millersville University. She has pursued graduate and continuing education classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

The focus of her current work is the exploration of color and form in multicolored, hand-pulled lithographs and realistic, light-filled oil paintings.

Kerry exhibits throughout the United States. Her award winning paintings and lithographs are part of both private and public collections.

Kerry has taught art classes for children and adults at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford. Pa. As a contracted teacher, she was able to offer art instruction in the Chester Upland School district.

Currently residing in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania she finds inspiration right out her own backdoor. Her many travels also provide plenty of reference photos and memories.

"When working on a new creation I play around with my reference material in the studio. I don’t set out to do a 'whimsical' drawing or a 'moody' painting. It just kind of happens as I start to draw. I am attracted to the shape of objects in the landscapes and the play of light and shadow upon those objects. Once I have the foundation of a good, strong drawing, the painting emerges a lot faster. When viewed up close, the color and texture in each image takes on an almost abstract quality.

Lithography enables me to immerse myself in an art form where I combine my imagination, drawing skills and physical energy. The stone’s surface is an open canvas. Manipulating the range of drawing materials is half the fun. You can use subtractive techniques, such as razors or hones, to create wonderful textures unique only to lithography. Transparent layers of ink add depth to each print. Working in both mediums always keeps it interesting and challenging."